“The most valuable thing SPARC taught me to do was to look at everything as a learnable skill.”

Jeffrey Ling

“The topics covered in classes were both interesting and useful. There were things like information theory and probability theory that are important in “real life” and aren’t really taught at other camps.”

Anderson Wang

“Thanks to SPARC, I can confidently ask and answer some powerful questions: If this is a system/game, what is an optimal strategy? If this is a skill or aversion, what are its contributing parts? What are the sources of uncertainty, and what knowledge is possible in light of those uncertainties? Attending SPARC was one of the best decisions of my life, because the lessons and perspectives I gained there are so universally useful.”

James Tao

“I keep in touch with a fairly large number of SPARC alumni, and often ask instructors for advice.”

Alex Zhu

“I’m more aware in social interactions, and I understand others’ interactions better than I used to. I set realistic goals for myself and achieve them at a much higher rate than I did before. I understand my own intentions, thoughts, and emotions better than I did before.”

Eugene Chen

“SPARC is definitely the best thing to ever happen to me. Those two weeks have been the highlight of my year so far. SPARC maintains a weirdly optimal balance of thinking and playing. The games (especially Yomi and Dominion) are a definite highlight, and basketball and ultimate provide a great mix up of activities. Also, having chocolate around everywhere is a huge bonus.”

Dylan Cable

“I just had a great time, from stimulating conversations to interesting classes to fun activities like frisbee and rock-climbing. Everyone else at camp, from the teachers to the other students, were so brilliant but also so willing to teach everyone around them. My only complaint is that it was over so quickly.”

Jeffrey Yan