On the side, SPARC sponsors alumni-organized projects with high impact potential. Below are some of the projects we’ve sponsored.

Hack Lodge


Hack Lodge is an immersive and intimate software development program for students. Teams spend a week working intensely on a software project of their choosing, with the ultimate goal of shipping a polished product by the end of the program. Participants come from a variety of technical backgrounds, from students with no formal engineering experience to experienced developers with years in industry. Past projects have included neat tech hacks, apps, games, and VC-backed companies.


xCITE is an online program offered this summer that will support participants in exploring, experimenting with, and impacting their lives. Participants will attend workshops offering life skills, have thought-provoking conversations with other participants, and work on projects in areas of their lives they care about improving. The program will take place primarily on alternate weekends (4 in total) over the course of June and July. Check out our website here to learn more and apply!